My Humanist Concept of Sacred

by mkriegh

When we understand the sacred as being created by an act or a series of acts of respect, then we also understand to what extent the world can become sacred. If we choose to honor everything that impinges on our being, the entire world becomes sacred. If we choose to honor nothing, then the entire world is profane. We must recognize, however, that whatever we choose not to honor and make sacred, becomes open to violation. And a world in which nothing is honored is a world of anarchy.

Since the demise of Apples iWeb program and web hosting service, I have been meaning to get my talks reposted on my new Intelligent Life website. My Humanist Concept of Sacred was delivered about 5 years ago at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. I subsequently took it on the road to Ethical Societies around the country. It was well received. Many of you who follow me at all in the various iterations of my websites have probably seen it before. Maybe you even took the time to read it. They are a bit long for web browsing, but I share them in case the subject interests you enough to want to read more. You can read the talk here.